Friday, March 27, 2009

25 Random things about me

The craze on facebook... brought to my blog :p

The thing is to write 25 random facts/goals about yourself, and then tag 25 people, who then do the same. So here are mine....

1. I get bored very easily, and constantly need something to hold my attention, else I turn cranky and seek to be entertained immediately. I think my life is horribly boring if this entertainment doesn't come within a minute of seeking it. :D On the brighter side, I get a thrill from the silliest of things. Figures?

2. I love dancing in front of a mirror... Actually I can dance just about anywhere

3. I love it when my hair curls at the ends, and I hate that it happens only in the morning when I wake up and there's no one to see it

4. I get completely involved in movies and books, I get scared when it's horror, mushy when romantic, inspired when inspirational and I tend to relate/apply the parts I like the most to my life. It does sadden me that my life is not like my favourite movie/book ( at that time )

5. I love talking - about ANYTHING under the sun. I never really shut up :P

6. I do not like negative people, thoughts - they freak me out. Period.

7. I love my parents! And I really wish I could do half the things my mom does. And I wish she reads this too.

8. I want to have a really incredible "and that's how it happened" love story! * sigh *

9. I hate being taken for granted.

10. I want to, someday, pack my bags and go on a world tour, with people who matter the most to me.We'd all have Tees that read "Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish" :D

11. I have sudden creative impulses, and I surprise myself with what I end up doing!

12. I love writing - I vent out most of my emotions through what I write, by creating a situation or just random sentences... and I feel terribly shy when someone compliments it.

13. I'm a fan of perfumes, body mists, lotions. Tell me I smell nice, and you have made my day.

14. I get unusually upset with things breaking - materials, resolve, morale, relationships.

15. I love flaunting the fact that I'm a Gemini

16. I believe chocolate and laughter are the best stress therapies in this world. Sometimes boxing helps too.

17. No matter how many clothes I have, I can never find the right outfit to wear. That explains why my room looks like a tornado wreck most of the times.

18. When I have a great idea, read a good book, seen a good movie, or just am in a good mood, I feel like sharing it with absolutely everyone!

19. I can be happy today, and sad tomorrow, and go through both with utmost sincerity :D

20. I hope to have a huge library someday- of books, music.. and I'm flattered when anyone praises the same!

21. I love cats and thinks it most unfair that I'm highly allergic to them.

22. Red is my favourite colour, and I can not make out the difference between black and dark navy blue

23. I'm damn proud of the fact that I'm half Kannada and half Marathi. I'm weird that way. :D

24. I can NOT tolerate cold weather. I fall sick though ironically I LOVE snow! But I really wish it was Spring all year round

25. I will, at one point of time or another, really really surprise you

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ANAGHA said...

Nice post.. Enjoyed it.. Could identify with many, prolly cos Im a fellow Gemini... :D :D